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  • Arrêt tête de bergère à scellement

Window shutter stopper Dimension

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Window shutter stopper,to put an end to the noise of shutters facing the wind. The stop is to be sealed in the facade. Available in several sizes.
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The cast iron and steel bergere head stopper allows a solid fixing in your wall, and will withstand the elements.Available dimensions: Length (L): 110 mmLength (L): 160 mmLength (L): 200 mmUses: A seal in the facade, the seal guarantees a firm and lasting hold.After drilling the hole in the wall, fill it with cement or quick-setting mortar, then fix the sealing tab of the stopper in the hole. Be careful that it is correctly positioned when opening the shutter.The stopper must completely prevent the shutter from moving.Close the shutter and wait for the complete fixing of the bergere head stopper.
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