Arrêt tête de bergère à vis 7cm
  • Arrêt tête de bergère à vis 7cm

Window shutter stopper screw stop 7cm

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Window shutter stopper to say stop to the slamming shutters, while decorating the facade of your house in an old style with elegance. Screw shank,
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The shepherdess head stop with cast iron and steel screws, will be easily fixed in your facadeDimension: Size of the screw (L): 7cmDiameter: 0.9cmCases of use: Useful to keep the shutters in place. renowned for its resistance and reliability, it will withstand the shocks of the shutters. The diameter of the hole must be a little smaller than the diameter of the lag screw. The smooth part of the screw contributes to the flexibility of the fixing for better compression .On a hard support, apply a little grease to the screw before fixing it.
Rybacki SL

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