2 Custom Cut Smooth Plate

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The service includes 2 straight cuts on a smooth cast iron plate. IMPORTANT: The smooth cast iron plate must be present in your order. To put it in your basket if not already done, click here. The fields to be completed are all mandatory. Please specify if you want to keep the falls from the smooth cast iron plate.

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Smooth cast iron plate, which can be positioned on the floor of the chimney or the vertical part of the hearth. Custom Smooth cast iron plate. Price for two cuts on a single cast iron plate. This customization allows to adapt one of our cast iron plates with one dimension.In order to equip all sizes of fireplaces.Cases of use: On the floor of the chimneyOn the bottom of the chimneyBy planchaOn the bottom or on the sides of a barbecueDo not extinguish the fire with a liquid in order to 'avoid thermal shock which would damage the cast iron plateAttention, take a margin of 1% because of expansion due to heatOur smooth chimney plates, are sold rough cast without coating.

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