Grille d'aeration rectangle fonte
  • Grille d'aeration rectangle fonte

Air grid cast iron rectangular

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This rectangular cast iron ventilation grid brings a decorative and attractive aspect. From 110x60mm to 320x150mm.

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Rectangular ventilation grille in cast iron, quick and easy to install. Useful to renew the air in your home.Our available dimensions: 110 x 60 mm110 x 100 mm130 x 100 mm160 x 100 mm180 x 120 mm210 x 120 mm220 x 60 mm220 x 110 mm240 x 120 mm320 x 150 mmUses: Our wide choice of Rectangular ventilation grid sizes allow installation on most homes Put in the lower part for inward ventilation Put in the upper part for outgoing ventilation Evacuation of stale air such as grease in the kitchen, gas, fumes, .. Reduces mold in damp areas. Treat rooms with a damp tendency as a priority.


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