Regard de branchement 360x360
  • Regard de branchement 360x360

360x360 connection manhole

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360x360 mm connection manhole, cast iron closing device for roads
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Our 15.5 kg 360x360 connection manholes are validated by an approved body.Dimension: 360 x 360 mmDiameter (B): 225 mmHeight (H): 160 mmFeature: Black paint as a coating.In cast iron EN-GJS500-7 .Standard: C250.After sealing, opening above 100 degrees.Articulated and anti-theft padElastomeric jointUse: For gutters bordering sidewalks, maximum 0.5 m on the traffic lane, and 0.2 m on the sidewalk .For access to building connections.
Rybacki SL

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